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Our Story.

Del Cielo Brewing Co is a Latino owned family brewery and taproom located in Downtown Martinez. Founded by Luis and Cielomar in 2018, Del Cielo is built on a love for craft beer, one another, and their community.

From the start, Luis and Cielomar have always shared a passion for craft beer.

Luis relishes in the brewing process and Cielomar loves the creative side of things. With their combined interests and passion for beer, one day they began brewing for fun. Their vision was simple: to make quality beer that people would love.

What started as casual invites to sample their home brew turned into monthly gatherings that filled up their entire home. Friends, family, acquaintances (and literally anyone Luis connected with that week) were welcome.

The support became so positively overwhelming, so much that it encouraged Luis and Cielomar to dream bigger. Their passion project grew into a larger dream of opening up a brewery – ultimately to be an extension of their home. 

One Halloween, they visited Martinez for the first time and the quaint family-oriented downtown feel, along with the eclectic mix of long-standing and emerging businesses resonated deeply.  It led them to find the space that would become home to Del Cielo Brewing.  

Today, we continue to brew quality beers as a small and mighty team and seek partnerships to further give back to the community.

From developing purpose-driven beers including Rad Rep, Rainy Day Fund, Always Pride and Bike Park, to partnering with the Rainbow Community Center to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and our friends at the Bay Area Bike Project for Family Bike rides – our mission is to brew community through quality beer with passion and purpose.  

Our Mission & Beliefs.

Brewing community through quality beer with passion and purpose. 

Starting a brand new brewery in the Bay Area craft beer scene is no easy task.  It’s been a process that has been built on hard work, dedication, a love for good beer, and most importantly, our core beliefs. We strive to embody limitless diversity from our beer offering, partnerships, event curation, down to the design of our physical space.

Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Originally from Colombia and Puerto Rico, Luis and Cielomar both grew up with a close-knit and welcoming family. We want you to feel right at home while enjoying yourself in the company of friends and family.

Beer Tastes Better Together

From the hops, the malts, to the unique ingredients we select, like pink guava and papayas, we want each sip of your beer to be a heavenly experience (where our name Del Cielo stems from). There is nothing like enjoying good beer with good company. We want everyone that walks through our doors to feel a sense of community and belonging.

Inspiring Curiosity

We love to push the boundaries of what we know and do things differently. We ask ourselves “What would this taste like in a beer?” with the intention of developing new beers and food that represents our heritage and sparks your taste buds.We want you to raise an eyebrow when you read our menu and be curious to try each of our creations.