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Double MO7

Inspired by the iconic British secret agent, James Bond, our Double MO7 brings double loads of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops with tropical fruit, berry, and stone fruit aromas for a rich West Coast Imperial IPA style. We can’t blow this agent’s cover, but we can tell you it’s leaving behind the vodka martinis.

We entered this beer in the 2023 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competing against 130 other entries in the Imperial India Pale Ale category and came home with a bronze medal! Read on to learn more about GABF, the differences between an Imperial (also known as a double) IPA and an IPA, and the inspiration behind the label. 


About the Great American Beer Festival

The GABF is the leading U.S. beer competition, showcasing the finest examples of more than 100 beer styles.

Not only is the festival about sampling quality beer, but it is also a distinguished beer competition. Breweries are invited to enter their beers to be judged by the festival’s Professional Judge Panel and the ultimate goal is to identify the three beers that best represent each beer-style category as described and adopted by the Great American Beer Festival. 

Winners that are awarded gold, silver or bronze medals are recognized around the world as symbols of brewing excellence and are what brewers aspire for in the industry. We’re very proud that Double MO7 won the hearts of many beer enthusiasts and that we were awarded the bronze medal from this nationally renowned festival. 


Differences between an IPA & Imperial IPA

India Pale Ale (IPA) is a type of beer that originated in England as early as the 1760s. Characteristically, the beer is known for its high ABV and bitter taste but since then, different types and styles of IPA have been created.

Imperial IPAs (IIPA) are also known as Double IPAs (DIPA) have a richer profile of malts and hops, and typically, a higher alcohol content. 

Both of these beers use a blend of hops, and the more hops used, the more flavor and depth that comes with it. When an Imperial IPA is made, extra hops and malts are used in the brewing process than you would get in a standard IPA. This not only gives it a more distinct toasted and bitterness to it, the alcohol percentage increases considerably.

Ultimately, the main differences of IPAs and IIPAs are the alcohol levels and International Bitterness Unit (IBU) levels.  Any IPA over an ABV percentage of 7.5% is considered an Imperial. And typically IIPAs will have higher IBU ratings, ranging from 65 to 100. A standard IPA will fall below this, in the 50 – 70 categories.  


About the Beer Label

The naming and label was inspired by the iconic British secret agent, James Bond, one of the most coveted and sought after roles in Hollywood for the last 60 years. In our design, we kept the suave style and slick demeanor of the character with a featured hop head.

Imperial IPAs are not for everyone, but if you are into them, you don’t want to miss out on tasting our Double MO7, releasing again on Wednesday, November 15th. 



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