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Bike Park Beer | The Bay Area Bike Project

This month we are excited to release Bike Park, our limited edition Hazy IPA in partnership with our friends from The Bay Area Bike Project. We’re peddling this hazy IPA coming in at 6.5% ABV, inflated with Cashmere, Mosaic, and Pacific Gem hops.
*20% of the proceeds of this beer will be donated to The Bay Area Bike Project.

Join us on our conversation with them to learn more about what they are all about, our collaboration and how you can support their mission to get local kids in need on high-quality bikes and advance their bike park project in Contra Costa County!

Tell us what the Bay Area Bike Project is all about?

We are a local non-profit with roots right here in the East Bay. Our mission is to mobilize people through the Power of Bicycles.  We promote education, access and opportunities that increase diversity and inclusion in cycling.  In short we want everyone riding!

What are some of the projects you have worked on in the past years?

Past projects include gifting high quality bikes and helmets to children and families in need.  We’ve given over 400 bikes to kids throughout California including Redding, Paradise, Chico, Santa Rosa, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez and San Francisco.  Other projects include local Educational Workshops focused on teaching kids how to maintain their bikes and ride safely in our communities.

Can you share a sneak peek of the new bike park in Contra Costa County?

Yes!  We have a “conceptual design” that can be seen on our website and attached below.  The official design will be conducted once we’ve raised the necessary funds to cover the official design costs for the project which is estimated at $10,000.  The design process will build from our “conceptual ” and  include a community engagement session where we can hear the wants of our community.

How will the purchase of our beer collaboration “Bike Park” help this project become a reality?

When you purchase “Bike Park”  beer you are empowering our efforts to get more local  kids on high- quality bikes AND enabling us to move into the next phases of the bike park project.

What are the upcoming kids bike workshops at Del Cielo Brewing all about?

Our upcoming workshops at Del Cielo Brewing will be taking place April 24th and April 25th. They are a fun, engaging way for us to teach kids more about their bike and bike safety.  This workshop will offer hands-on opportunities to explore the anatomy of the bike, learn some basic mechanic skills to keep their bikes ride ready. If you are interested in signing up your kiddos for the workshop visit the Eventbrite to save your spot!

Where can our community connect with you and how else can they support you?

We love new friends!  We encourage people to join the Bay Area Bike Community- follow us on Instagram or Facebook, shoot us an email at [email protected] or head to our website for more info:https://bayareabikeproject.org/

You can also support us by donating directly on our Website Donation Page:https://bayareabikeproject.givingfuel.com/bay-area-bike-project We are only able to do what we do with the generosity and support of our community, so we thank you for following along and supporting our efforts.


Thank you for being part of our community and joining our efforts with The Bay Area Bike Project!

Cheers, Del Cielo Brewing Team