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Black is Beautiful at Del Cielo

Here at Del Cielo, We do not tolerate racism in any form and are passionate about striving for the equality of all people. As a proudly diverse business, we are committed to being part of the change regarding race equality within the beer community as well as our physical community. We are an inclusive family, based on equality and equal opportunity. For these reasons, we are happy to announce our participation and collaboration with Weathered Souls Brewing Co. and their Black is Beautiful collaborative brew initiative. 

Black is Beautiful is an initiative within the craft beer community to fight systemic racism and support not only Black people, but all people of color and the hardships they face on a day to day basis. The mission of the Black is Beautiful collaboration is to “bridge the gap that’s been around for ages and provide a platform to show that the brewing community is an inclusive place for everyone of any color”

As part of this initiative, it is asked that every brewery donates 100% of the proceeds from the beer collaboration to local organizations that support Black communities and those affected by racial inequality. In addition to committing to the long term effort towards equality in their community. 

After careful consideration, Del Cielo Brewing team selected two local organizations to donate 100% of the proceeds of Black is Beautiful: Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE Institute) and The Hidden Genius Project

ACCE Institute focuses on “traditionally underserved residents, including communities of color, low-income and working families, and the undocumented population, by carrying out work that fosters deep, indigenous leadership development, policy creation, robust civic participation, and broad community empowerment.” (acceinstitute.org) Del Cielo is proud to support this association as we value every walk of life and think that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and communal support. 

The Hidden Genius Project “trains and mentors black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.” (hiddengeniusproject.org) This organization is important to us as it helps the younger generations in hopes of making progress and change for the future.

Del Cielo Brewing team is not stopping with this initiative. We pledge to take our ongoing advocacy to the next level and shine light on various organizations and causes to support not only Black people and all people of color but to extend our support to groups that advocate for equal opportunities and rights for LGBTQ+ as well as women’s rights. 


Want to join us in our effort to support our community? Buy and share Black is Beautiful. This imperial stout will greet you with a black coffee and fig aroma. Each sip is filled with big coffee and dark chocolate flavors that slowly give way to a caramel sweet and roasted finish. The medium body and carbonation will create a pleasant drinking experience for all of your senses.

Thank you for being a supportive ally and helping us spread this human rights message with everyone.

Del Cielo Brewing Team


Written by: Abbi Murray